“Apple of my eye”


Apple of my eye, drive of my loins, lust into seconds, hours of fucking, loveplay, foreplay counts second best you said.
You said: take me, take me sweet pain of death, touch me there, and stretch me you …. Pain, make me hurt, make me bleed, make me blood red, turn me inside out, chafe me, rape me, until my legs hurt to walk.
You said: only you can make that feeling deep inside of me, it warms, it hurts, death approaching, hurt me you bastard, put your hands around my neck, fuck me, hold me, rip into me, harder, harder.
You said: Do anything you want, I’m yours, give me, give it to me, give it to me, give me your spunk, on my chest, my tits, my face, in my arse. I want to drink you, fuck you, and don’t stop. Ever. Ever, ever.
And you said: Uh, Uh, and UUUUUUUUh. The headboard rattled, slapping the wall, springs squeaked, floors groaned as sheets held our sweet sweat.
And you said: Stay away from me, don’t touch me, stop, don’t come near me, I hate you, after this cigarette, after this drink, this drink, after this, later, later, later, later. Not now, after this T.V. show. Later, Later Later, Later…
And Later you said: Goodbye.
Nobody too close. Multiple relationships, child screaming “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna get involved” A dog with two dicks, nobody too close, pleased to see you. Do come again.
Sweet wetness bubbles under tongue, honey cunted, dying each second as you say NO! Sweet redrose of death, hips spreading on my chest, opening, wider, wider. Head swims in pan lust, want, want, want. Redrose beckoning me into darkened hallways, piss stained doorways, secret places, alleyways up against crumbling walls, off to the woods!
Take me somewhere quiet and kill me…
Kill me now, kill this second as I suck you, taste me, garrotte with legs in ecstasy, suck and feel life force, blood pounding, feel life flow into your throat, kill me then, do it, do it do it, do it…

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